Bathroom Improvements 🏡🔨🔨

If u haven’t seen my other post about the tile that I added to my shower in my upstairs bathroom you will have to check it out. I had left over tile from that project and was just a little short on tile but all I had to do was buy one tile for $4 at Home Depot.
I decided since I had leftovers of tile that I put it to good use. A few years ago we had to replace the bathroom vanity and when we did Hubby decided to change the vanity to a taller one which meant we needed to create a shelf to attach to the wall and the bathroom vanity top.
So since then I had always wanted to put something on the shelf like sea glass or tile etc so when I had left over from my shower project it was time to lay a few pieces down and see how it looked and it looked great.



The photos above are the before pics of the bathroom and shelf. When we initially started this bathroom remodel hubby told me my idea of tile or sea glass wouldn’t work. I think he was just being lazy and didn’t want me to put him to work lol. As a quick fix he went and got this silver type of paper that we could place on the wood shelf to make it look better, and it has held up but I always had in the back of my mind the ideas I had for the shelf so after i seen how easy it was to install the tile in the shower it was obvious that I was going to make my dream come true and tile the shelf.
Hubby didn’t even know I tiled it cause I did it within a few min while he was at softball.
We are so happy with how it turned out and now I know if I can and have the tools to do the project myself lol. I am sure hubby doesn’t mind since he works hard and doesn’t want to come home to construction ideas I came up with or seen on Pinterest. Posted below are pics of the process prior to placing the tile u can see blue paint that’s because we tried painting the shelf at first but it didn’t work out well.


The pictures below are the process of placing the tile down to the shelf with adhesive and grouting.


Next is the final pics
I think my bathroom project turned out and gave it the last touch I needed and had been dreaming about for years now.

DIY Outdoor/Indoor Boot Holder

I have been searching for a long time for a solution to solve my problem of water all over my floors in the winter months.
I don’t have a large area by the front door and when u walk in it is a white slippery floor that goes right into kitchen or into the living room and dining room that has hardwood floors.

One day after cleaning the floors for hours for a get together I looked at my floors I worked so hard on cleaning and said to myself why do I even bother because everyone drags in something with them into he house like leaves, dirt, etc these floors show everything.

I can’t afford to change my flooring at the present time so I had to figure out a solution well as I was reading the Clean & Scentsible blog which I love and be sure to check it out and subscribe cause there is so many good ideas you can use in your home. Below is a picture of the picture she had on he blog of the boot holder.

As soon as I seem this picture I stopped reading the blog because I knew I had seen one of these trays at my local dollar store and wanted to head over and grab one which I did lol.

Like I said I didn’t read the whole post yet so while I was at the dollar store they also had the river rocks and had several bags of different size rocks and from just the brief look at the picture I thought they were just laying on he tray, which by all means u can do but as the clean and scentsible blog stated she feared with children the rocks would be all over the place.

I was thinking while trying to decide on which rocks to use was that my bad boy beagle will have a field day with messing with the rocks and also I didn’t want him eating them or swollowing them by accident because this wouldn’t save us any money due to bet bills.

I figured I would buy some glue and glue the rocks down but decided when I get home I will read the blog post to get directions on making the boot holder, I started laughing because I had the same idea. She also glued her rocks down as well. I can’t wait to use this and hope it cuts down on the slippery foyer and kitchen and looks much better then a bunch of bath towels on the floor ( come in you have done this to).

I will be making my boot tray holder tonight. Fresh home ideas also had a similar idea but may be a little more money to put together but below is a picture of their idea. Have fun making your boot holders.