Seaworld Orlando 🐠🐋🐬🐳

We went to seaworld in Orlando today and got to see a Shamu show since they will be closing this year at some time. So at least we got to see it. We also seen the dolphin show. 

Here are some pics of the things we saw 


Beta Fish 🐟🐠

I love betta fish and they are so easy to take care of and I love the fact their tanks stay clean much longer then other fish. I don’t even have my betta in a tank he is in a large vase. He is purplish and purple is my favorite color as well and seem fitting since we live in Baltimore to name him raven lol.

I will share a picture of raven shortly. But I wanted another betta a unique one but I don’t think that will happen because I am not sure about having a fish shipped lol I found on Pinterest some rare colors for bettas and not sure if the pictures were photoshopped but none the less they are very cool looking.
Raven looks a little purple and black in these pics but either way he has our football team colors lol

Here are the pics of the ones I found on Pinterest so rare looking wish they sold these at petsmart.