Vintage and Shabby Chic Decor

I have seen so many cute displays using vintage items in alot of stores these days. It takes me back because I see things that I know my grandparents had in their home.

I love some of the modern uses people have for vintage and shabby chic items.
I create alot of crafts and gifts but along with that I also sell vintage and shabby chic items that I think are in great condition and that someone else may have a need for.

I have seen pictures milk glass items such as vases, planters, etc used in so many ways like business card holders, desk organizers, flowers, plants, succulents, paper clip holders, pen holders, a catch all in the foyer area for keys and spare change, in the laundry room to place anything anyone in your home leaves in the pockets, candy dishes and so much more.

I am sure u can come up with some creative ideas yourself for these items and would love for you to leave your comments on what u do with your vintage items. What colors do u like or would like to purchase?

Here are some pictures of items for sale in my etsy shop and as I mentioned in a previous post I have already marked down the prices of vintage and home decor items in my shop so stop on by and see what I have. I am making room for some new finds.
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Now for the pictures:

Picture above is milkglass








I have several great items in my shop for Christmas and its best to shop early so u will have the best selection. I also now offer credit card payments and accept etsy gift cards.

Take a look at and on Facebook at

Here are some pictures of items in my shop and more that are not pictured.











All wine glasses, beer mugs and pilsners are made with high quality vinyl and I suggest hand washing only.

I have several milk glass items available

Baby shower diaper cakes are made with actual diapers great gift or centerpiece on sale.

Vintage cookware and Pyrex patterns and more









My Facebook Page Update

A few people have told me that the link i had on some of my posts are not working to connect you right to my facebook page.

i fixed the problem so here is the link to go directly to my facebook page hopefully you will like my page and follow my shop and postings i always have new creations and items that i post on my facebook page sometimes it will show up on facebook prior to my blog.

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For Sale

I have several items in my etsy shop. Here are some pictures check out my shop to at also be sure to like my Facebook page at charm city creative designs

I would use this milk glass item for so many things from a planter for a succulent, desk organizer to hold rubber bands or paper clips, flowers, in foyer for change or keys or as a candy dish I am sure u can think of many more uses as well for this item.

This dessert tray is great for a tea party, bridal shower or vintage birthday party.



These lotus milk glass bowls are so cute and I would use them to hold items for any type of party.

This wooden cup holder could be used in kitchen for your coffee cups, in office to hold items, hold ribbons, hold jewelry to display.


I have two egg baskets for sale and I would fill egg basket with kcups and wrap as a gift for a wedding or bridal shower or even as a birthday gift, Christmas gifts.



I have made several baby diaper cakes which is made with several diapers and decorated you can also add your own items like a rattle, bottles etc these are already premade and a great price. You could also use this as a centerpiece for the baby shower.

This basket could be used as a gift just add the persons favorite wines and wrap.


This is a vintage Pyrex dish that is in great condition and has lid which is hard to find.


This is a metal red basket could be used for various things or holidays. Try using to create a gift basket, hold bath soaps, centerpiece, holiday decor etc






I have several items like above that goes great with Americana, country, USA decor.

Shabby Chic / country cottage candle holder in antique white.

Upcycled chalk board plate

I have several other items in my shop be sure to stop by and check them out.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Check out my etsy shop at my shop had vintage antique items such as milk glass, depression glass and Upcycled treasures along with my handmade personalized wine glasses as well as mugs, pilsners, coffee cup, glasses etc

They are a reasonable price for a great gift so order yours today. Reblog if you like my shop and pass along my etsy shop to anyone you know or that follows your blog I would appreciate it very much. I do have a Facebook page go to charm city creative designs and like my page so u don’t miss any new styles, colors or items from my etsy shop. I also have a twitter to follow I just need to look up that info for you.




I have several color choices available as well.
Colors: pink, hot pink, navy, bright blue, royal blue, baby blue, white, black, purple, lilac, lavender, orange, yellow, bright yellow, brown, hunter green, lime green, bright green, light yellow/ cream, burgundy, grey, light grey, red, etc I am sure I forgot some colors but if u don’t see the color u need just send me a email to see if I have it for you.

Personalized wine glass for that steelers fan!!!!!! Yellow and Black


Baltimore Ravens Fans check these glasses out if you would like more then a initial it will be a additional charge.



The glasses below will be created for a additional charge please email me for details. The charge is for additional materials used and time. I also will take requests for other sayings as well that u would like on your glasses. to order your glasses









Can u tell by how many pictures of ravens glasses that I live in Baltimore lol
Other teams available just check to see if I have colors available. to order your glasses.

Below are pictures of glasses I created for my customers. I have created glasses for many special events from anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and getaways, bachelor parties, thank you gifts for end of school, events business events, promotions, etc (makes a great gift for your teachers etc I gave a few to my local postal workers since I live in a town that is small we have only two girls working at the post office and as much as I come in with many packages at a time I thought they needed a gift lol)

To order go to
Picture below is of metallic silver and gold which is a additional charge for these colors of $2 each glass.


Color above: grey & burgundy

Colors: yellow & red Go Marines!!!


Colors above: mint green & white with pink lettering

Colors above: hot pink & black

Colors above: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver with black and white

Colors above: lime green, metallic silver and purple ( due to weather and other colors used in glass the purple looks more navy blue but it is purple lol)

Colors above: first glass is burgundy & hot pink second glass is yellow & mint green and teal.



Colors above: hot pink, pink, white, black

Colors above: first glass is teal & white with black lettering, second glass is yellow and purple, third glass is bright blue, green and black

Colors above: first glass is lavender & lime green, second glass is lavender, pink, and lime green.

To order go to

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Thanks sorry for the long post but wanted to show off some glasses and color choices.

New Vinyl Colors for Personalized Wine Glasses

I have been adding a few extra colors to my collection each time I order since it is so expensive to purchase. I pretty much have every color now to create the glasses that will match your sports teams, weddings etc.

I only bought 2 sheets of the gold metallic color and will order more if I start to run out but now with this option I can offer wine glasses, mugs etc in the following teams.
Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints
San Fran 49ers
St Louis Rams
Wake Forest
Notre Dame
Univ. of Pitt
South Florida
Central Florida
Univ of Washington
Vanderbilt, Washington wizards
James Madison, Ottawa senators
Texas State – San Marcos
Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers

These are just some of the teams I know that have metallic gold in the logo or helmets.

The list below is the colors I now have available.

Ice Blue, white, orange, yellow, navy, lime green, bright yellow, red, hot pink, bright green, gold metallic, bright blue, teal, medium blue, black, soft pink, mint green, light gray, gray, brown, hunter green, lavender, maroon, purple, lilac, soft yellow.

Check out my glasses at

Personalized Beer Mugs & Glasses for Men

I have decided to give those favorite men in our life or our female friends and family that drink beer more options for their personalized glasses. These also make great, inexpensive groomsmen gifts, what man wouldn’t love a beer mug or glass (lol).

We have the beer mug (this mug is very heavy).


I also have added a few more options but at this very second I do not have pics of decorated glasses but will post as soon as I do which I am sure won’t take long at all.




If you are interested in ordering these glasses go to my etsy shop at and send me an email and I can create a special listing for you.

I am also expanding my color collection this week so make sure u stop back to see what new colors I am adding. In the near future I will also be expanding what designs I will be selling as well do again make sure u follow my blog so that u don’t miss out on my post about my new designs.

I also have a Facebook page that I update alot of all my upcycled items that I have for sale as well as my crafts, personalized and other items for sale so check it out and like my page at charm city creative designs to see my work. Thanks again for a great year an looking forward to working with you.

Pre-Order Your Wine & Beer Glass Today

Hello Everyone, I have been so busy with work and my little part time business on etsy at ahindle78 that I haven’t had a free minute to spare to write some blogs but today I am hoping to change that this will be one of many to follow.

I sold so many wine glasses and beer mugs and was totally surprised at how well it took off. I am offering to make more since the Baltimore ravens are doing so well I am sure orders will e pouring in again. I also have some left that just need to be personalized which if u email me I can tell you which colors I still have available and at $10 what a deal.

This makes a great wedding gift to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. I also have smaller versions that can be personalized for the ring bearer and flower girls for $8.00.

I am requesting that anyone who may be interested let me know by email which colors because I will be placing an order tonight and would love I have all the colors u may need for your customized glasses. Thanks

Above is a picture of the children’s wine glasses that were made for a customer at Xmas

Above is another set boy and girl versions of the smaller glasses I made for my cousins

Above are some premade glasses in several different colors that are waiting to be personalized and mailed to your home.

My favorite glasses the baltimore ravens theme style glasses in purple and black and the best selling but you can still order you just might love the colors purple and black lol

Above are my Christmas/ holiday themed glasses that can be personalized or have the saying ho ho ho. I have two of these left get them for next year makes a great gift

I will be starting pre orders ASAP thru my etsy shop and coming up in the next few months valentines glasses and also march madness basketball glasses and mugs

Personalized Wine Glasses

I have several pre made wine glasses for sale $10 each plus shipping check it out on etsy at ahindle78 and also facebook under charm city creative designs.







Wine glasses

I decided that for the craft show I wanted to make some of the wine glasses I had been seeing at hallmark and some other gift shops, I have seen painted ones as well as vinyl ones. I am not a good painter so I decided to go with vinyl I used a high quality vinyl that will stand up to handwashing. I think they turned out great and will be selling them on etsy soon as well as the craft shows. I am selling them for $10 each have already sold two hopefully more orders to come.