Designer Beadz Etsy Shop

I came across another etsy shop and have ordered three times from this shop.

Here are some pics of the stretchy bracelets she makes.









The last two pictures above are of the bracelet that is custom for u. I actually got one made with my birthdtone, hubby birthstone and my dogs birthstone.

The pic above is of the bracelet that was made for me.
Be sure to check out this shop


Little Green Room Etsy Shop

I have been looking at gifts for my anniversary that is coming up on aug 20th. So I decided to check out some etsy shops that I came across to see if they had items I may like and I found the etsy shop called Little Green Room.

You have to check out her etsy shop cause it has so many cute items.

Here are some pics from her shop but before that let me tell u I love my ring and will be back to buy more, I needed my ring by a certain date and got it ahead of time which was great when I had a question it was answered quickly.







Earring Holder

Hot 'n Cold Moms

My daughter recently got her ears pierced.  She has now started an earring collection and is in desperate need of an earring holder.  I found one I really liked.  Sort of rocknroll industrial.  It was $40!  Oh.  Hell.  No.  One thing everyone needs to know about me…I’m cheap.  So much so, my friends and family joke about it all the time.  CHEAP!!  I looked at the item in question and decided I could make it myself.

All you need:

Decorative metal sheet

Picture frame with the little metal folding clips to hold everything in

Tin snips



First thing you do is use the glass to measure how big you need to cut the metal and mark it.


Next cut the metal to size with the tin snips.  It’s as easy as cutting paper.


Insert the metal into the frame.  No glass and no backing.  Just use the little metal…

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I think I am addicted to etsy lol I always have to check my emails within etsy to make sure I don’t have emails to return and questions to answer. Who am I kidding I am addicted to looking at everyone creative and cute etsy shops lol

I came across a shop and seen a necklace that I loved the style but not the colors at least for me I don’t personally were those colors. I wear more purple since I am a huge Baltimore ravens fan lol, teal, and pinks.

I was going to post a picture of the original necklace I seem but when I updated my phone it got erased by accident.

I contacted Retha and she was so nice and returned my email so quickly. I had asked if she had other colors available in this style in the choices I stated above in teals, or purples.

Retha sent me emails with pics of the color beads she had for me to get a better idea of which purple and teal I wanted. Here are pics of the necklaces I got from her shop and shipping was quick.

Check out her shop at

Be sure to stop past my shop as well at

Here are some pics