Wedding centerpieces: flowers with floating candles

Using vases for wedding centerpieces


My daughter is getting married next year and as soon as she was engaged we began pinning all of our ideas.  With her in California, her future sis-n-law up north, and her sister and me in Kansas–this was the perfect way to share ideas.

We 3 are the ones in the family that enjoy crafting, so we get the joy of making things for the wedding.

One thing I saw were centerpieces made with flowers, stones and floating candles.  I started pricing all of this out and was shocked to learn that one small floating candle could cost $1.50 a piece.  Add a nice glass container, artificial flowers and some rocks and these little puppies wouldn’t be cheap.  It wouldn’t be so bad to make a couple, but for centerpieces it could sure add up.

I was pretty sure I could find a way to do this cheaper, so I…

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Help the hounds

I posted last night about a beagle rescue that has a few dogs in need of heartworm treatments because they are heartworm positive. The MAJOR case they have is Jacqueline who needs a surgery to amputateher leg and he vets said it would cost around $1600 that is without complications but the rescue doesn’t have the funds and I am not sure how long he dog has been in pain and needing surgery but it has to

The picture above came from the beagle rescue and is Jacqueline who needs the surgery. They are asking for donations to be sent to there rescue or Paypal which ever is easier so please if u can any amount helps, if u can’t that’s ok and people who have or haven’t please help me spread the word by reblogging, posting on Facebook or other social media please.
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