Harley 🐶🐶

Harley was relaxing today and just laying around on the nice comfy sofa while we watched movies today. Love spending time with him especially since we will be leaving for a few days for Disney.

Harley will be at doggie daycare and they love him and he loves it there so I don’t have to worry he is well taken care of.

Harley is in a contest 🐶🐾🐶🐾

Please click on the link or copy link into your browser and vote for Harley. U can vote once a day till the 22nd we need to get a lot more votes so tell everyone u know to vote please. 
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Vote for my beagle! 🐾🐶🐾🐶

Hi I entered my beagle Harley into a photo contest with black and decker. Please feel free to share link and also you can vote once a day till the 22nd and we need to beat the current first place winner that has 650 votes so far. 

Harley had to take a trip to the vet. 🐾🐶🐾🐶

Last Saturday I was in the back yard cleaning up some leaves that blow over in our yard. Well I know this is TMI but Harley was not feeling well and started popping blood so I called his vet in a town called belair that we take him too she didn’t have any appointments available for us to call the Abingdon store to see if they could see us. 

So we took Harley up to Abingdon and gave Harley a small check up to find out about the bleeding. Well after several tests came back positive, they couldn’t tell me what it was 100 percent. 

Well after the dr gave him a few chairs and making food started. 

They think Harley got a hold of my peanuts and instead of chewing it they just swallow it . Of course we don’t want that to happen.

We rushed Harley back to our vets to see if he can be scheduled anyways. They told us to bring him in to be seen. Nothing against the other vets but we like the 3 vets that we see all the time since he was a puppy. 

After that Harley was on 6 different meds to get better and stop the bleeding. Lucky for us we have banfields pet wellness plan that give u free office visits and free physicals and discounts on everything else u may need to purchase cause after the two visits,Tests and meds we only spent $200. 

Apparently those peanuts did a number on his stomach so no table food what so ever well until he is done taking his probiotics because I have to place chicken and some cheese in the bowl with the probiotics because it must tast aweful. Here are some photos of Harley taking his food and laying it on the floor. 

He is starting to feel like his self thanks god for that. 


Harley at doggie daycare 🐶🐾🐶🐾

Harley has been going to doggie daycare since he was about a few months old. Best friends furever doggie daycare in Joppa Maryland has been a life saver. 

Harley has a lot of energy even at 9 years old. We have to take him occasionally because he needs to run all day long with his friends so that he is good and tired. 

Since Harley is 9 they wanted to put him up front with the senior dogs to relax during there down time. I said no way because I want him to have the same routine at least for now because he is use to that plus I want him good and tired when we pick him up. He would drive the office staff nuts if he was up front. Especially if anyone had snacks lol 

Harley loves going to see his friends we can’t even mention it at all because he will follow us around all day thinking he is going. They have a webcam that u can use to watch what your dog is doing and is great when u are on vacation and want to see what your dog is up to. 

Here are some photos I took while I was watching the daycare webcam. 


🐶🐾🐶🐾 Today is National Dog Day!

Today is national dog day, so let’s celebrate the pets we currently have, or have lost they deserve it for putting up with us humans lol.
I want to say happy dog day to everyone who owns, fosters, volunteers or rescues a dog.
Here is a pic of my dog Harley.


Harley has the life!🐶🐶

I look at Harley sometimes and say to myself he has the life. How many dogs don’t have the life he has and he isn’t even aware that other dogs come from bad situations. He is one lucky dog for sure.

I know when I was home on Christmas vacation it was terrible that everytime u change the channel a commercial for the ASPCA was on and I love animals but this one gets me up set everytime to the point if I hear the music we turn it quickly till it was over but the ASPCA changes up there music in the commercials frequently so they got me a few times over the holidays lol.

I know they need to raise money but it sad seeing these poor dogs they use in their commercials and one kinda looks
Like Harley and my sisters dog bella.

Well here are a few pictures of Harley over my vacation.


We are ready for the ravens game last week and boy was it the best football game of all time last week.


I couldn’t find Harley one day that’s because he was sandwiched in between my pillows lol guess he didn’t want me to bother him


This was Christmas Day at my moms house he was tired from opening presents and hanging out with my sisters dog bella.








Harley was peeking around the desk to see what I was doing lol

Instagram Photos Of Harley

I took some pictures of Harley and used Instagram to add some effects to them check them out how cute is Harley?