Why do we keep all these things?

Why do we keep all of these things?

I’m sure this is a question everyone reading this blog has asked themselves at one point in time.

I know my house is clean and organized but also could use improvements in some areas. One day I was on Instagram and saw a lot of people cleaning and decluttering their homes because of a new show on Netflix with Marie Kondo (I think that’s how you spell it.) Anyways I learned how to fold items to get more in a drawer which I wasn’t currently doing and this helped out a lot, especially my husbands shirts (this man has every under armour shirt in all colors).

I also folded my towels, hand towels and wash clothes and realized we have kept a lot that are tattered or discolored and need to be thrown away which I did do. Later I realized that the towels could have been donated to the dog shelter because they always need towels. I will keep that in mind next time we need new towels. I did keep two or three old towels in the closet under our steps which now I am glad I did because we had a pipe burst and a leaking hot water heater last week and I needed those old towels to help clean up that mess.

I moved on to socks, I basically just folded them together which was stretching out the band of the sock. I asked myself why do we keep all these socks that don’t have a match and may have a hole? So I got rid of a ton and actually had room in the drawer for other items.

I still need to get rid of more but slowly working on it. I can’t wait to get a day off and on trash night leave the trash men a huge surprise in the morning for the next upcoming weeks. I’m sure they won’t be happy. I wish my homeowners association would have a dumpster day cause I’m sure I could fill up some of it. I just don’t feel like selling some of it at a yard sale. I also know the lady who I believe is a hoarder down the road could use one for herself. Lol

Anyways get to organizing and cleaning. I know I will be.

You can always donate used old towels and blankets to your local dog rescues or animal shelters they always need things like this.

Harley 🐶🐾🐶🐾

Here are some recent pictures I took of harley. I made him a scarf but he really didn’t like it. He loves his bandanas but he scarf oh no he hated it and tried to rip it apart lol. I am just learning how to crochet and he is going to destroy my first project.





Bathroom Improvements 🏡🔨🔨

If u haven’t seen my other post about the tile that I added to my shower in my upstairs bathroom you will have to check it out. I had left over tile from that project and was just a little short on tile but all I had to do was buy one tile for $4 at Home Depot.
I decided since I had leftovers of tile that I put it to good use. A few years ago we had to replace the bathroom vanity and when we did Hubby decided to change the vanity to a taller one which meant we needed to create a shelf to attach to the wall and the bathroom vanity top.
So since then I had always wanted to put something on the shelf like sea glass or tile etc so when I had left over from my shower project it was time to lay a few pieces down and see how it looked and it looked great.



The photos above are the before pics of the bathroom and shelf. When we initially started this bathroom remodel hubby told me my idea of tile or sea glass wouldn’t work. I think he was just being lazy and didn’t want me to put him to work lol. As a quick fix he went and got this silver type of paper that we could place on the wood shelf to make it look better, and it has held up but I always had in the back of my mind the ideas I had for the shelf so after i seen how easy it was to install the tile in the shower it was obvious that I was going to make my dream come true and tile the shelf.
Hubby didn’t even know I tiled it cause I did it within a few min while he was at softball.
We are so happy with how it turned out and now I know if I can and have the tools to do the project myself lol. I am sure hubby doesn’t mind since he works hard and doesn’t want to come home to construction ideas I came up with or seen on Pinterest. Posted below are pics of the process prior to placing the tile u can see blue paint that’s because we tried painting the shelf at first but it didn’t work out well.


The pictures below are the process of placing the tile down to the shelf with adhesive and grouting.


Next is the final pics
I think my bathroom project turned out and gave it the last touch I needed and had been dreaming about for years now.

Diy outdoor furniture 🔨

I wish I had a bigger deck and could build one of these cool benches. I found these on Pinterest. Not sure which websites they came from to give credit to the website or photographer.
These are such cute additions to any deck and easy to do according to the blogs.




My Facebook Page Update

A few people have told me that the link i had on some of my posts are not working to connect you right to my facebook page.

i fixed the problem so here is the link to go directly to my facebook page hopefully you will like my page and follow my shop and postings i always have new creations and items that i post on my facebook page sometimes it will show up on facebook prior to my blog.

Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charm-City-Creative-Designs/214517511903785

DIY granite countertops

Have you wanted to update your kitchen but just didn’t have the money to spend on granite. I came across a company called giani granite and was impressed with the pictures I seen on there Facebook page and the reviews have been great.

I can’t wait to buy some and try it to my countertops in the future. I wanted to post some of the pics that I got from customers that used their products so if u like check out the product website and their Facebook page.















Kitchen Aid Mixer Got A Makeover

So I had wanted a kitchen aid mixer for a very long time but didn’t know how much I would actually use it but after using it makes my life so much easy dump everything in and mix.

My husband didn’t want to put out the money to get one for the reason above he wasn’t sure how much I would use it and everyone we talked to theirs just sits in the kitchen and takes up space and never gets used.

I kept asking around and finally someone said I have one u can have no charge so I was so excited it wasn’t the exact model I wanted but could I be picky. Nope I couldn’t but it was a basic white color so after being on pinterest one day I came across a few pics of the mixer with designs.



All pictures are from pinterest.

These pictures inspired me to take a look at those blogs to see how they decorated their mixers, after reading a few said they created on scal software which I do not have but I do have the subway art cartridge and a cricut machine.

So I picked which color vinyl I wanted to use and started cutting out the subway art for baking and then it was time to pick what words I wanted to use. After that I went downstairs and put the vinyl in my mixer below is my before and after pictures of my mixer.

If I decide I don’t like it any longer I just peel it off and leave plain or put a different design back on. It was so easy hope this inspires u to decorate your mixer.

Above is a picture of my mixer before I put the vinyl on.




The pictures above are my finished product.

Goodwill finds

I got off work early on Friday and since I have sold a few more items on my etsy shop at ahindle78. I wanted to update my shop with some new items that I had found. On the way home I decided to stop at salvation army first cause they seem to have cheaper prices, well they still do but they have increased their prices on many items I noticed. I got a few items that I plan on upcycling. See pictures below

I seen this tin and said do I really need another tin as I have several I have repainted just waiting for me to use. Well when I seen the handle I thought to myself I don’t have one with a handle so I am sure I will be able to find something to use this for.

I found two black metal wall decor that hold candles, I am torn about what color to paint these I am thinking to paint them with a fresh coat of black paint so they will match any decor or colors.

The next item I had to have was this silver basket I know I will find space for this piece in my own home. If not it will be posted on my etsy shop.
Goodwill is right across the street so i decided to head on over to goodwill. I parked got out and walked up to door where a lady was standing I asked if they were open she said the door is locked as she looked into window and said people are in their shopping. She started beating on the door yelling what are u doing open the door. After someone finally came to the door e ha said we are closed because they had just been robbed well that’s all I had to hear and hightailed it back to my car to get out if there. She was yelling at the man saying that it is ridiculous that they are closed, when are u opening back up. I said to myself really is there something that u need so bad in the goodwill store that u are acting like a fool. She looked like she had money by the huge diamond ring she had on her finger so she should feel lucky she wasn’t there when it was robbed cause by the way the diamond was blinding me I know the robber would have seen it. People are crazy why rob a goodwill store. Well once I got home I seen that another goodwill that isn’t far from the one I tried to go to also had been robbed.

Now my shopping has been put on hold since they have not caught the person yet. I am not sure if this person is going around robbing goodwills so I decided to hold off shopping there for a bit. I am sure my husband doesnt want to go shopping with me. Lol

Hopefully I will be able to pick up some goodwill finds soon.

Remember Xmas is right around the corner make sure u check out my etsy shop at ahindle78. I have a personalized items as well order soon so u will have them in time for Xmas.

Repurposed Baby Formula Containers

After seeing many containers being reused for all kinds of things from pencil holders to kitchen utensil holders I figured that i would ask some of my friends for their formula containers. I was thinking the round metal containers but y friend said that wasn’t what she had when she brought in the containers I knew I would be able to do something with them.

Above is a picture of the original containers she brought in for me. It has a easy snap type lid, so I got started right away with picking out some scrapbook paper for the containers. I have a lot of paper so this was a cheap easy project.

I decided instead of priming and painting the container so that I could choose other color options I just picked paper that would match the purple lid so I would be able to skip that step. I can’t wait for my friend to give me more of these because I think I will make some black and white ones for my scrapbook room.

I choose the paper and measured and cut out the pieces. I used a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper. This will cover the front and the sides of the container an you will have to cut a smaller piece to finish the back portion of the container. I used my mod podge to glue paper onto container and fuse the pieces of paper together on the back.

The uses or these containers are endless. You could store your Childs crayons or small toys. Make into a first aid kit for the car or home. I am not sure what I will use these for and if anyone has ideas please comment below and let me know looking for ideas for my classroom and for my home.



Here are some of the pictures of the completed project.



Productive thrifty day

Ok so yesterday I decided to take a trip to the local thrift store after work. Somedays I find so many items and some days nothing, haven’t decided if I like the thrift store or goodwill better yet. Each time I go to either store it is hit or miss. Anyways I always take a tour of the furniture section just in case the piece that I am looking for is there waiting for me. Well last night was a bust and to tell you the truth I hav noticed with in the last few months the prices at both have went up a lot some items to me it would be easier to buy new. I found this teal piece and they wanted $50 for it I just dont have the space or need for this item but thought it was cute and I would share it win you.

This piece had some areas that needed tlc and maybe a fresh coat of paint and distressing. I start finding items that I had been looking for and of course no price tag I put it in my Cary anyways cause some cashiers will make up a price and sell the item and some will not and say their is no manager to ask so u end up putting them back. Yesterday was my lucky day and also she rang up some of my items cheaper. I love the thrift store cause they always have colors tags that will be an additional 50% off. I wish the goodwill gave discounts on items.

Here are some if my finds from the thrift store that I will be creating, painting and posting to my etsy shop and hopefully it sells.


Above is a picture of another vanity tray I purchased and could not wait to get home I had forgotten I had purchase a lavender color that I wanted to paint this tray. I figured I have antique white, pinks, teals and now purple. I already painted the tray and it is in the shed as we speak drying.

I got this egg basket for $1.00 not bad and undecided with if I should leave it be or paint it.

This is a antique basket just looking for the right candle stick to pair it up with or you could leave it just as it is and use it on your desk at home to hold certain items.

These are some cute short candlesticks that I will use something I am sure of that. I try to get a small amount completed so I can atleast post every other day to keep up with my sales.

The next item I found was a cheese platter sitting all alone waiting for meant for both of to be here.

I also got some tins in various sizes for organizing items or in our case dog food canisters and your food won’t become stale from just rolling up the bag and leaving it. I could go on forever but I am exhausted and ready for bed since I was up most of the night last night

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