CLEARANCE Sale going on now!!

CLEARANCE Sale going on now in my etsy shop so stop past and take a look at all the items marked clearance it is a variety and more being added today.

Vintage, antique, and Upcycled treasures are marked down and on the clearance rack ready to be shipped out to you ASAP.

Stop by and take a look

Distressed Dresser DIY

Dresser Makeover

The Hippie Haus Wife

I have always had a fondness for all things vintage (or antique, rustic, old, dated, etc). But I never really got into the whole “distressed” thing as I thought it always looked, well, crappy. I mean, who would pay good money for something that looks like it was dumped on the side of the road and left to rot (ok, maybe not that bad, but still)? Well, apparently there are a lot of people out there who would in fact pay a lot of money for these kinds of things.

By way of the internet and Pinterest, (yes, in my mind there is a difference in the internet and Pinterest- and anyone who is a hardcore “pinner” will know exactly what I mean), I had started to see a lot of distressing projects pop up, and with modern advances in crafting mediums, some of them were actually looking pretty cool…

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Decoupage To The Rescue! Lost Basement Table Gets A Makeover

Basement Table Makeover

On The Upcycle~

Last stop before curbside in our house has always been the basement.  This poor glass table had been banished to the basement for seven years, the entire time we have lived in our house!  It was pushed in a corner and with flower pots and miscellaneous basement junk stacked on top of it and covered in spider webs. My husband and I try to keep the basement clean, and clutter free, but it is not always easy.  As much as we dislike our basement’s dampness, cement walls and floors, the spiders seem to love it! That’s good because they help control the other bugs crawling around down there! yuck!  If any item deserved a little TLC, and a makeover it was this table! I cleaned it in our utility sink and brought it upstairs.  The glass was easily removable, and the table cleaned up nicely.

Basement Rolling Glass Table Rescue

I laid out the fabric…

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Vintage & Antique SALE

I have several antique and vintage items in my etsy shop that are in sale for today. I need to clear out so I can get new inventory in so take advantage if he sale the more u buy u will get the lower shipping price after first item is purchased.

There is also some upcycled items as well and some country decor items that are on sale as well today.

Below are pictures of what is available and more so check it out.


The picture above comes as a set of two.























Help the hounds

I posted last night about a beagle rescue that has a few dogs in need of heartworm treatments because they are heartworm positive. The MAJOR case they have is Jacqueline who needs a surgery to amputateher leg and he vets said it would cost around $1600 that is without complications but the rescue doesn’t have the funds and I am not sure how long he dog has been in pain and needing surgery but it has to

The picture above came from the beagle rescue and is Jacqueline who needs the surgery. They are asking for donations to be sent to there rescue or Paypal which ever is easier so please if u can any amount helps, if u can’t that’s ok and people who have or haven’t please help me spread the word by reblogging, posting on Facebook or other social media please.
Here is there website and you can donate by simply pressing the Paypal button. Thanks for your help.

Facebook Page

I need everyone’s help!!!!!! I created a Facebook page for my business at please go to the link and like my page and also feel free to reblog and to post a copy of my link on your Facebook pages.

I will do the same for anyone just send me an email
My etsy shop is check it out great gifts and some vintage items as well.

Remember once I get a following of 400+ I can offer specials, coupon codes and more and who doesn’t love to save or get freebies.


Here is a Jacksonville jaguars and cowboys inspired wine glass I made many other teams available as well

Cute coffee table upcycled

Crafty Maddi

– Used Coffee Table: $7
– Sanding Sponges: $9
– Spray Paint, Clear Coat and Primer: $11
– Pin Striping and Vinyl Flower: Free!
Total Cost: $27

Coffee Table Before and After

I am doing this whole retro/beach theme in my new apartment and I am in love with this surfboard coffee table, however I don’t have $400 lying around to buy it. So when I saw this little black coffee table on Craigslist for $7 I knew I had to have it. Craigslist is my best friend for cheap used stuff.  It was a great shape and the PERFECT size for my tiny living room. It was old, had lots of dings and even had “Nick was here” carved into the wood veneer (thanks a lot Nick!)

Step One: Sanding. I positively hate sand paper, so when I saw these nifty sanding sponges at Home Depot. I decided to give them…

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Mirror on the wall

her garage

 Mirror + Pearls ($3)+ Lace  (on hand)+ hot glue (on hand) + Golden acrylic paint ($1.50)

Oh my hot glue gun, how I love thee!

To personalize our builder standard mirror, I gave it a coat of golden acrylic paint.  Then came the pearls – found them at Joann’s and used my 50% off coupon. I was itching to do more, so I mod-podged lace on the borders to add texture. Note to self : Take along-the-way, step by step pictures.

Mod-podged lace acts like paintable wall-paper. It absorbs paint and maintains the detail. For craft projects, if you can’t find your favorite lace in the right color, dig through your acrylic left overs! I used a sponge to paint over my lace.

Lace and Pearls on the mirror

Turns out I am obsessed with mirror frames. I made some additions to this one. What do you think?

Mirror on Mirror

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Goodwill and thrift store shopping

I just needed to get some feedback from my followers. Is it just me or are prices for certain items going up in price at thrift stores and goodwills.

I don’t know about you but I believe there is someone that works for goodwill or the thrift stores that watch blogs, etsy shops etc to see what vintage items are selling for and they increase there prices.

Please let me know if you have seen the same things happening in your areas. Example I use to be able to find milk glass for a lot cheaper now it is still a deal but I seem prices from $6-$28 in the goodwill some even chipped or broken.

Items in my shop

Here are some cool items in my shop and also be sure to stop past my Facebook page and like it so u can keep up with what’s new in my shop.





















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