Bathroom Improvements 🏡🔨🔨

If u haven’t seen my other post about the tile that I added to my shower in my upstairs bathroom you will have to check it out. I had left over tile from that project and was just a little short on tile but all I had to do was buy one tile for $4 at Home Depot.
I decided since I had leftovers of tile that I put it to good use. A few years ago we had to replace the bathroom vanity and when we did Hubby decided to change the vanity to a taller one which meant we needed to create a shelf to attach to the wall and the bathroom vanity top.
So since then I had always wanted to put something on the shelf like sea glass or tile etc so when I had left over from my shower project it was time to lay a few pieces down and see how it looked and it looked great.



The photos above are the before pics of the bathroom and shelf. When we initially started this bathroom remodel hubby told me my idea of tile or sea glass wouldn’t work. I think he was just being lazy and didn’t want me to put him to work lol. As a quick fix he went and got this silver type of paper that we could place on the wood shelf to make it look better, and it has held up but I always had in the back of my mind the ideas I had for the shelf so after i seen how easy it was to install the tile in the shower it was obvious that I was going to make my dream come true and tile the shelf.
Hubby didn’t even know I tiled it cause I did it within a few min while he was at softball.
We are so happy with how it turned out and now I know if I can and have the tools to do the project myself lol. I am sure hubby doesn’t mind since he works hard and doesn’t want to come home to construction ideas I came up with or seen on Pinterest. Posted below are pics of the process prior to placing the tile u can see blue paint that’s because we tried painting the shelf at first but it didn’t work out well.


The pictures below are the process of placing the tile down to the shelf with adhesive and grouting.


Next is the final pics
I think my bathroom project turned out and gave it the last touch I needed and had been dreaming about for years now.

My Pinterest Addiction

I am so addicted to Pinterest and have pinned more projects and ideas then I will actually do lol. I am sure many of you are in the same boat. I know my husband wishes I didn’t find Pinterest lol I have so many ideas to complete in our home but I know he doesn’t want to do some of my crazy projects I suggest so I may turn in a carpenter and take some classes. It can’t to be hard to measure and cut some pieces of wood to make a window seat , right!!!!!

I have a large window in my kitchen and since out kitchen is small I would love to make a window seat that has storage underneath for my larger appliances. This way it would leave more cabinet space for my dishes and bakeware. Currently I use my broiler drawer for my baking sheets lol

I also wanted to somehow have a little island in the middle as cooking space.
Don’t know if this will work out because we have live here for 14 years now and are use to an open kitchen. I know I will be the first to stump my toe in the middle of the night if I have it in the middle of the floor lol

I will post pictures at the end of the blog that I loved and seen on Pinterest. Some came from and and the other pics didn’t give a website so sorry about not giving u credit.








DIY countertops

I have some scratches on my kitchen countertop and have always wanted to upgrade my countertops but they are very expensive and was looking online for some options and came across this idea of Gianni granite and looks from the reviews that it is a great product.
I plan of getting some in the near future so we can start painting those counter tops.


The pictures above are of the steps you need to complete with Gianni granite countertops but I don’t want to mess them up since they will have to last a few more years to get us through

The pictures above of some before and after photos other bloggers, and customers have left reviews. I wish that I wish I was a blogger that was asked to use products for money and more.



Painted laminate countertops

Ramblings of This Southern Mom.

Yes, you read that right. I painted my laminate countertops. Now before you get all judgmental, let me show you what they look like now. I wasn’t going for a ‘you won’t believe this isn’t granite’ look, but I was going for a faux granite look. You know, the kind of laminate I probably would have picked out if I had been there when this house was built.

So, maybe I’m not that crazy after all. Okay, okay. I am that crazy. That’s why I attempted this. I had to redeem myself for my painted couch fiasco. Which by the way, you should never attempt…No matter what you read online. With that pintrosity in mind, I tackled this project while the hubs was out of town. When he got back he even asked me if I was sure I didn’t hire a professional. I didn’t have the heart to show…

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DIY granite countertops

Have you wanted to update your kitchen but just didn’t have the money to spend on granite. I came across a company called giani granite and was impressed with the pictures I seen on there Facebook page and the reviews have been great.

I can’t wait to buy some and try it to my countertops in the future. I wanted to post some of the pics that I got from customers that used their products so if u like check out the product website and their Facebook page.