Vintage Items & Home Decor

I have several items that I have lowered the prices on in my etsy shop. be sure to check it out and purchase these items to add some color or vintage style to your decor.

I am trying to clear out my inventory so I can make room in my closet for new etsy shop items.
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There is a combined shipping price which is cheaper the more u purchase.

Here are some pics I know u can find a few spots in your home to add these pieces.





Milk glass vases, organizers, fruit bowls, great for bridal showers and baby showers to display food etc.

This frame is painted a light purple and u can change out the pattern paper for any pattern paper u like.





Above is a pic of the upcycled cookbook holder in yellow.

Vanity tray also painted teal and u change change out the pattern paper as your mood changes.


Decorative plates for your home and one is painted with chalkboard paint and comes with white chalk.











The basket above can hold two bottles of wine. Would make a great gift






Hope you like what u have seen and be sure to stop past my Facebook page to like at
And my etsy shop will always have new items added daily, weekly and monthly after I clear out some of my home decor and vintage items.

Antique Upcycled Vanity Trays

I have sold several antique vanity trays so far from my etsy shop but wanted to get some thoughts on color choices for a few I have had in my shop for a little bit was thinking about changing the colors to see if they will sell quickly.

I have sold lime green, hot pink, pink, antique white, red, etc

I wanted to get ideas on which colors u would buy yourself or know would sell quickly I need room in my storage area and wanted to get these sold.

Please leave me some color choices u would love to see the vanity trays painted or if u currently have a shop which colors go quickly in your shops.

Thanks for your input in advance
Here are some pics





I also had a few butterflies that I thought would look so cute in a baby nursery or a little girls room or if u are like me and love butterflies I wanted to maybe hang these in my bathroom.

Which colors would u purchase in the butterflies as well.



Vanity Trays

I live these trays and give them a modern look, I think it is prettier then the gold or silver colors I find the trays in. These trays can be used in a bathroom, bedroom, nursery, foyer etc

These are the new trays that are for sale in my etsy shop at Be sure to check them out as well as the other items I have for sale on etsy.

The tray above is a bright red color. What a classy look this tray could give a bedroom that burst of color it may need.

This light teal vanity tray had a broken mirror so I used decorative paper and glass to create a modern vanity tray.

The tray above is a dark real color and also had a broken mirror so I used decorative paper and glass again to create this vanity tray. If you don’t like the paper or it’s time for a change it can easily be removed from both trays.

The tray above is a light teal color with mirror.

This vanity tray is a dark plum purple color with mirror and is one of my favorite ones I have made so far but does not match the colors I have anywhere in my home what a bummer that is lol

This last tray is a light pink color with mirror.

I have sold many vanity trays in various colors from lime green to purple etc. I want your thoughts on what colors you would like or think would be a good seller? Please comment I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on this thanks

Goodwill finds

I got off work early on Friday and since I have sold a few more items on my etsy shop at ahindle78. I wanted to update my shop with some new items that I had found. On the way home I decided to stop at salvation army first cause they seem to have cheaper prices, well they still do but they have increased their prices on many items I noticed. I got a few items that I plan on upcycling. See pictures below

I seen this tin and said do I really need another tin as I have several I have repainted just waiting for me to use. Well when I seen the handle I thought to myself I don’t have one with a handle so I am sure I will be able to find something to use this for.

I found two black metal wall decor that hold candles, I am torn about what color to paint these I am thinking to paint them with a fresh coat of black paint so they will match any decor or colors.

The next item I had to have was this silver basket I know I will find space for this piece in my own home. If not it will be posted on my etsy shop.
Goodwill is right across the street so i decided to head on over to goodwill. I parked got out and walked up to door where a lady was standing I asked if they were open she said the door is locked as she looked into window and said people are in their shopping. She started beating on the door yelling what are u doing open the door. After someone finally came to the door e ha said we are closed because they had just been robbed well that’s all I had to hear and hightailed it back to my car to get out if there. She was yelling at the man saying that it is ridiculous that they are closed, when are u opening back up. I said to myself really is there something that u need so bad in the goodwill store that u are acting like a fool. She looked like she had money by the huge diamond ring she had on her finger so she should feel lucky she wasn’t there when it was robbed cause by the way the diamond was blinding me I know the robber would have seen it. People are crazy why rob a goodwill store. Well once I got home I seen that another goodwill that isn’t far from the one I tried to go to also had been robbed.

Now my shopping has been put on hold since they have not caught the person yet. I am not sure if this person is going around robbing goodwills so I decided to hold off shopping there for a bit. I am sure my husband doesnt want to go shopping with me. Lol

Hopefully I will be able to pick up some goodwill finds soon.

Remember Xmas is right around the corner make sure u check out my etsy shop at ahindle78. I have a personalized items as well order soon so u will have them in time for Xmas.

Christmas orders

Hi I am taking orders for Christmas for the personalized wine glasses that I make. It does take time to make these and I will need advanced notice for larger orders. Please get your orders in asap so that u can receive them on time for Xmas. These glasses are $10 each plus shipping. I have them for sale in my etsy shop ahindle78 or just send me an email and can take payment thru paypal.










Some of the glasses pictured have not been personalized yet just wanted to show some of the color options you can choose from. This makes a great gift get your orders in soon. Thanks so much and don’t forget to check out y etsy shop for shabby chic, vintage, antique treasures along with gifts or sale as well.

Here are some other color choices that are available

Blue and teal colors

Pink, yellow, and blue

Teal, pink and lime colors

Red, white and blue colors

Yellow and blue

Productive thrifty day

Ok so yesterday I decided to take a trip to the local thrift store after work. Somedays I find so many items and some days nothing, haven’t decided if I like the thrift store or goodwill better yet. Each time I go to either store it is hit or miss. Anyways I always take a tour of the furniture section just in case the piece that I am looking for is there waiting for me. Well last night was a bust and to tell you the truth I hav noticed with in the last few months the prices at both have went up a lot some items to me it would be easier to buy new. I found this teal piece and they wanted $50 for it I just dont have the space or need for this item but thought it was cute and I would share it win you.

This piece had some areas that needed tlc and maybe a fresh coat of paint and distressing. I start finding items that I had been looking for and of course no price tag I put it in my Cary anyways cause some cashiers will make up a price and sell the item and some will not and say their is no manager to ask so u end up putting them back. Yesterday was my lucky day and also she rang up some of my items cheaper. I love the thrift store cause they always have colors tags that will be an additional 50% off. I wish the goodwill gave discounts on items.

Here are some if my finds from the thrift store that I will be creating, painting and posting to my etsy shop and hopefully it sells.


Above is a picture of another vanity tray I purchased and could not wait to get home I had forgotten I had purchase a lavender color that I wanted to paint this tray. I figured I have antique white, pinks, teals and now purple. I already painted the tray and it is in the shed as we speak drying.

I got this egg basket for $1.00 not bad and undecided with if I should leave it be or paint it.

This is a antique basket just looking for the right candle stick to pair it up with or you could leave it just as it is and use it on your desk at home to hold certain items.

These are some cute short candlesticks that I will use something I am sure of that. I try to get a small amount completed so I can atleast post every other day to keep up with my sales.

The next item I found was a cheese platter sitting all alone waiting for meant for both of to be here.

I also got some tins in various sizes for organizing items or in our case dog food canisters and your food won’t become stale from just rolling up the bag and leaving it. I could go on forever but I am exhausted and ready for bed since I was up most of the night last night

Thrifty weekends

I got off work early this Friday and decided to go to some thrifty places and see what I could find to add to my shop. I always like to keep adding items to my etsy shop and for the first time last week I decided to see what purchasing a spot in their front page would do for my shop. Well as I looked at my stats before and after purchasing a spot on their spotlight list it did bring a few hundred people to my items and shop. I did not get any purchases but I am not giving up and it was only $7 to purchase the spot. I wanted a spot on the vintage spotlight but they are a hot item and all sold out, I check every morning before work to see if they added additional spots on vintage spotlight and yesterday I got my opportunity to purchase a spot in oct. I am excited and hopefully it will bring a few hundred people to my shop and increase my sales. I want to be prepared and always have items in my shop. I found a few items yesterday in my travels, I got a few drinking glasses to do customizing etching along with a glass cake or pie display that will be etched for a custom order. I have a special shop that just opened that I will visit today that has furniture so stay tuned i will try to take some pictures of what they have and what I purchase. I will have pics up soon on the thrifty wooden side table I got at the local good will for $6. I also just found out a store near by sells Annie Sloan chalk paint and I have been waiting to try it out and hopefully can find the time to pick some of that up I just can’t decide what color to choose. Well time to get in the shower and get out their while hubby is working and see what fab finds I can grab up this rainy sat afternoon.

Etsy shop

I just wanted to write a small post to let u know my etsy shop is up and running. You can check out my etsy shop at check it out and pass along to your friends and family. New items being added this weekend. Here is a sneak peek






My table at craft show



Popcorn Tins upcycled

During some downtime while I was on pinterest (which I am addicted to lol), I ran across a picture of what looked to be large popcorn tins that come out around Xmas time. Well after I read this article these were actually an item being sold by Ballard design catalog but a few people suggested using popcorn tins for this and would save a lot of money considering Ballard sells them for around $50 a can. I went to work and asked around to see if anyone had any laying around that they wanted to get rid of and I found my ace in the hole Lori who actually teaches with me since we have a large class she always has every random item I need I tease her and tell her she must be a hoarder or a pack rat but she always comes through. She actually had two different sizes for me. I finally decided that painting the cans white like the catalog would get dirty fast, so I decided maybe a dark creamish color would work and maybe a black lid. The longest part of the project was trying to take off the sticky tape around the lid. I tried everything Brillo pads, different removers, lightly scrapping and magic erasers. The one smaller can wasnt sticky so I cleaned it up let it dry out and started spraying primer on can since it was very brightly colored plus I wanted to do this project right and the paint not to peel off a week later. I decided that I needed to give the other can a break and maybe not even use it if I couldnt get sticky stuff off the can. If anyone has ideas on how to remove stuff like these seals easily please let me know for the future. Anyways after the can and lid dried I sanded down to a smooth finish. Now it was time to spray paint the can and lid and decided I didn’t really like a glossy finish on this but maybe a matte or satin type finish which is what I decided to go with. Once the spray painting was done and had dried for a few hours i wanted to seal the finish since I would be removing the lid a lot I didnt want the paint to peel the first time I removed the lid so I ran out again to home depot and bought some matte finish clear coat spray to finish the project. I need the clear coat for other projects as well. It looked great brought it inside the house to dry for a few days then it would be ready when I created and cut the vinyl lettering. I used my cricut expression machine for the lettering.

This is a picture of the cans from the Ballard catalog. I do like the lime green just doesn’t fit with my decor.

This is a picture after I finished my smaller can just haven’t put the vinyl lettering on the can yet.
Below is the pics of the final product.


After applying the vinyl lettering it just wasn’t what I had imagined in my mind but for now it will do. I only have so many font cartridges and had won a bid on eBay for the cricut gypsy which I wanted to be able to play around with and create different lettering for the cans which I will do once I learn how to use the gypsy if anyone has pointers I would love to hear them. Looks like tonight I will be on you tube watching tutorials on how to use this gadget. I will post pics of the cans once I find and print a design I am happier with.

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