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Harley’s Easter Pics πŸ‡πŸ‡

Got to show some of Harley’s Easter pics.  


Happy Easter πŸ’πŸ₯🐣🌷

I hope everyone had a great easter with their families. We surely did and for some reason I didn’t take a lot of photos I guess I was spending time talking to the family lol. If you know me you know that this is odd for me not to have a camera in my hand and a thousand photos. 

This year easter was at my aunts house and was a calm and laid back lunch. The kids had 180 eggs to look for in the yard and they had a blast. I walked around with my little cousins and helped them if they needed it lol. 

I made deviled eggs and I seen a post on pinterest that you could dye the eggs after peeling them and I decided why not give them a pop of color. Well we didn’t notice because of how much food we had but we forgot to put them out for everyone and I don’t eat deviled eggs and if I do it maybe one. Well I am sure they won’t go to waste. 

Here is a few pics of my dyed Easter eggs. 




Here are some pictures of my blue and white hydrangeas nothing like having fresh cut flowers in your home. Makes or a better day lol



Happy EasterπŸ’πŸ‡πŸ£

Happy Easter


First Day Of Spring 2013 with Harley

The picture above is of my beagle Harley. Aka killer after u read post u will understand.

Well yesterday was the first day of spring and as soon as I get home from work my normal routine began which is feeding Harley and letting him out back. Well by the time I walked from the back door I my kitchen which isn’t far I heard a weird sound which I knew wasn’t Harley.

I ran to look outside and oh my Harley had caught a rabbit and it looked like an adult. My husband has always said that Harley wouldn’t be able to catch an adult rabbit, the last few years Harley has prayed on he weak little babies.

Well he must have dug out a small hole and grabbed the adult rabbit out from under my deck. Year after year these rabbits keep setting up shop to have their babies under my deck.
You would think they would realize that each year a family members dies because Harley catches them in out yard.

Harley had ate a rabbit last year and we had to induce vomiting and I didn’t want to have to do that again so I started pounding on the window yelling his name he actually walked over with rabbit in his mouth. I also had to trick him with a treat to get him inside minus rabbit.
Needless to say my husband had a surprise to clean up when he got home from work. Lol

Poor rabbit I know I have a hunting dog but to kill rabbits it is a little sad that he does this.
Guess its part of having a good time.
If anyone has any advice on what I can do that is safe for having a dog but I repel rabbits would be nice to know. I will try anything at this point to save the rabbits.

My flowers

Hi everyone it is starting to get colder and I miss my garden already. I took some nice photos with my phone as I seen some of my flowers pop up. Enjoy I used Instagram to add some flair to my pictures take a look.