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If your life is anything like mine lately, things are a tad crazy.  I love the holidays, but good Lord are they hectic!

In between refurbishing the dresser into an entertainment center I had a few minutes for a quickie project.  I had seen the idea on Pinterest for silverware caddies.  I thought it would be perfect for our Christmas Eve party as well as any other occasions we entertain throughout the year.  While, adorable, the Pinterest version is $63 from  I don’t know about you, but $63 is out of my budget for caddies used only a few times a year.

While at Michael’s the other day, I remembered the Pin.  I was thinking of using square glass vases, but couldn’t find three that were the size I wanted.  I spotted these acrylic containers and they were perfect!  And perfectly in budget at $2.99 each.  Score!…

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Wine Glass Centerpiece

the johnsons

It’s Christmas time!

David and I are celebrating a lot of firsts– which is fun and exciting and full of conflict. Not in a bad way, just in a learn-to-compromise kind of way. Last year, as we celebrated holidays, we didn’t fully have to merge traditions or split our time or appease both sides of the family. But this year, we’re married. That means we have to learn to share and give and take.

Mostly give. Because that’s what Jesus-loving people do.

One of those gives centered around Christmas decorating. We both decided we want a real tree–none of that fake, sissy stuff. So that wasn’t an issue. But when I planned a Pinterest Christmas Decorating party with my Collette (yes, my Collette)… well, let’s just say David wasn’t too happy. Especially when he carried my groceries from the craft store in or when he made me spit out how…

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Wine Glasses and More🍷🍷

I have added several new items to my shop (styles and colors). Make sure you check out my Facebook page at

I post there first usually and u don’t want to miss it. If you would like to get your orders in go to

I also have several wine glasses that are pre-made and ready to ship out ASAP so u have just in time for the holidays.

Here are some pictures of my ready I ship glasses.




The glasses below are the new styles and colors that have been added to my shop and created for some of my customers.


I am sure this glass could be used for several teams but was made specifically for Boise State Fans.

Stemless wine glasses this glass is in hot pink and pink.













I have several snack bowls, and water bottles, martini glasses, stemless glasses, wine glasses, beer mugs, beer pilsner glasses and much more.

Facebook page is

And etsy shop is

Personalized Wine Glasses

Check out my etsy shop at my shop had vintage antique items such as milk glass, depression glass and Upcycled treasures along with my handmade personalized wine glasses as well as mugs, pilsners, coffee cup, glasses etc

They are a reasonable price for a great gift so order yours today. Reblog if you like my shop and pass along my etsy shop to anyone you know or that follows your blog I would appreciate it very much. I do have a Facebook page go to charm city creative designs and like my page so u don’t miss any new styles, colors or items from my etsy shop. I also have a twitter to follow I just need to look up that info for you.




I have several color choices available as well.
Colors: pink, hot pink, navy, bright blue, royal blue, baby blue, white, black, purple, lilac, lavender, orange, yellow, bright yellow, brown, hunter green, lime green, bright green, light yellow/ cream, burgundy, grey, light grey, red, etc I am sure I forgot some colors but if u don’t see the color u need just send me a email to see if I have it for you.

Personalized wine glass for that steelers fan!!!!!! Yellow and Black


Baltimore Ravens Fans check these glasses out if you would like more then a initial it will be a additional charge.



The glasses below will be created for a additional charge please email me for details. The charge is for additional materials used and time. I also will take requests for other sayings as well that u would like on your glasses. to order your glasses









Can u tell by how many pictures of ravens glasses that I live in Baltimore lol
Other teams available just check to see if I have colors available. to order your glasses.

Below are pictures of glasses I created for my customers. I have created glasses for many special events from anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and getaways, bachelor parties, thank you gifts for end of school, events business events, promotions, etc (makes a great gift for your teachers etc I gave a few to my local postal workers since I live in a town that is small we have only two girls working at the post office and as much as I come in with many packages at a time I thought they needed a gift lol)

To order go to
Picture below is of metallic silver and gold which is a additional charge for these colors of $2 each glass.


Color above: grey & burgundy

Colors: yellow & red Go Marines!!!


Colors above: mint green & white with pink lettering

Colors above: hot pink & black

Colors above: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver with black and white

Colors above: lime green, metallic silver and purple ( due to weather and other colors used in glass the purple looks more navy blue but it is purple lol)

Colors above: first glass is burgundy & hot pink second glass is yellow & mint green and teal.



Colors above: hot pink, pink, white, black

Colors above: first glass is teal & white with black lettering, second glass is yellow and purple, third glass is bright blue, green and black

Colors above: first glass is lavender & lime green, second glass is lavender, pink, and lime green.

To order go to

Be sure to check out and like my Facebook page at charm city creative designs and follow me on twitter as well @charmcitydesign

Thanks sorry for the long post but wanted to show off some glasses and color choices.