CLEARANCE Sale going on now!!

CLEARANCE Sale going on now in my etsy shop so stop past and take a look at all the items marked clearance it is a variety and more being added today.

Vintage, antique, and Upcycled treasures are marked down and on the clearance rack ready to be shipped out to you ASAP.

Stop by and take a look


Here are some pictures of items that I lowered prices on in my etsy shop
I am trying to clear them out and make room for new items in my shop. I will be headed to Florida on mon and in my travels there have set up some time to go thrifting. Can’t wait to see what I find in Florida and the best part anything I buy from this store goes to the dogs at the shelter. So it’s like shopping and donating at the same time.

My etsy shop is take a look there is many other items in my shop as well and my shop will be open while I am on vacation I just won’t be shipping items out until the week of the 18th thanks so much.

























Lowered Prices on my vintage and home decor items in my etsy shop

I have several items in my vintage, and home decor sections that I have reduced prices on. Take a look in my shop all the items in vintage and home decor have already been marked down. I am sure u can find something u like.

Here are pictures of a few items




Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to wish everyone a safe holiday and enjoy your dinners with your families.

Getting prepared for Black Friday shopping stop past my etsy shop at

Organize, donate for hurricane sandy

Goodwill finds

I got off work early on Friday and since I have sold a few more items on my etsy shop at ahindle78. I wanted to update my shop with some new items that I had found. On the way home I decided to stop at salvation army first cause they seem to have cheaper prices, well they still do but they have increased their prices on many items I noticed. I got a few items that I plan on upcycling. See pictures below

I seen this tin and said do I really need another tin as I have several I have repainted just waiting for me to use. Well when I seen the handle I thought to myself I don’t have one with a handle so I am sure I will be able to find something to use this for.

I found two black metal wall decor that hold candles, I am torn about what color to paint these I am thinking to paint them with a fresh coat of black paint so they will match any decor or colors.

The next item I had to have was this silver basket I know I will find space for this piece in my own home. If not it will be posted on my etsy shop.
Goodwill is right across the street so i decided to head on over to goodwill. I parked got out and walked up to door where a lady was standing I asked if they were open she said the door is locked as she looked into window and said people are in their shopping. She started beating on the door yelling what are u doing open the door. After someone finally came to the door e ha said we are closed because they had just been robbed well that’s all I had to hear and hightailed it back to my car to get out if there. She was yelling at the man saying that it is ridiculous that they are closed, when are u opening back up. I said to myself really is there something that u need so bad in the goodwill store that u are acting like a fool. She looked like she had money by the huge diamond ring she had on her finger so she should feel lucky she wasn’t there when it was robbed cause by the way the diamond was blinding me I know the robber would have seen it. People are crazy why rob a goodwill store. Well once I got home I seen that another goodwill that isn’t far from the one I tried to go to also had been robbed.

Now my shopping has been put on hold since they have not caught the person yet. I am not sure if this person is going around robbing goodwills so I decided to hold off shopping there for a bit. I am sure my husband doesnt want to go shopping with me. Lol

Hopefully I will be able to pick up some goodwill finds soon.

Remember Xmas is right around the corner make sure u check out my etsy shop at ahindle78. I have a personalized items as well order soon so u will have them in time for Xmas.


It has been a long time since I have posted anything on the blog, but I have been so busy with many projects around the house. Julie and I have been going around to many stores to find items we could repurpose and use for organizing or just to improve our homes. She helps me with added ideas that I would not of thought of I dont know what to do with some of her great ideas. I have completed many projects and will post some pictures of the things that I have done and hopefully this will inspire you to organize and get started on some of your own projects. This has been time consuming and addictive ( i think i have to many hobbies lol).

Chalkboard Stickers

I found these chalkboard stickers at the dollar store, I just love that place and it was just what I was looking for. I needed something to put inside the cabinet so that I could make lists of items we needed or that we had on hand. I really love these stickers cause I can take them down if I needed to and one day I can take them with us to the new house. I have seen whiteboard stickers as well but all they had at the time I was there was for childrens rooms and none of the decor really matched my home but if you need something for your children go and check it out, it would be gret cause it does not harm the paint on your walls if you have to remove and it is only $1.00.