Favorite Things Party 🎁🎁

I don’t know if you have heard of the party called favorite things party, but apparently Oprah had a show and gave everyone some of her favorite things she uses everyday or just loved and can’t live without.

I looked on Pinterest to get some ideas on how this party works exactly because I figured instead of the Chinese auction we could have a favorite things party. People do play the game a little different one blog said that you would fill out a short fun survey and which ever guest correctly named who filled in the survey could go up to the table and pick a gift of there choice which I like but then I read that the person who starts like the hostess would draw three names and those three people would get the her favorite gift.

Have you heard of this game? If so how do u play your game and list some of the cool ideas and gifts that you have seen or had at your party. Here are a few pictures from blogs and pinterest.

The picture above is from aplaceforusblog.com

From snhblog.com

From cakesandlouie.blogspot.com

From lanceandcindy.blogspot.com

From thetichenorfamily.com

I am sure I could keep posting pics that I found but would love to hear your ideas and gift items you would bring to a party like this.

Breast Cancer Awareness Cookies 🙋💕🍪

October is breast cancer awareness month and we have recently had a coworker diagnosed with breast cancer this month. We decided to have a gathering before she went for her surgery and chemo to encourage her through this journey. We all got together to bring food and gifts that she will need through this process. Here are the pink chocolate chip cookies I found on Pinterest that are pink. I actually had hot pink food coloring so I used that instead of the red. U can’t tell from the actual pictures how bright pink they were lol.




Vintage and Shabby Chic Decor

I have seen so many cute displays using vintage items in alot of stores these days. It takes me back because I see things that I know my grandparents had in their home.

I love some of the modern uses people have for vintage and shabby chic items.
I create alot of crafts and gifts but along with that I also sell vintage and shabby chic items that I think are in great condition and that someone else may have a need for.

I have seen pictures milk glass items such as vases, planters, etc used in so many ways like business card holders, desk organizers, flowers, plants, succulents, paper clip holders, pen holders, a catch all in the foyer area for keys and spare change, in the laundry room to place anything anyone in your home leaves in the pockets, candy dishes and so much more.

I am sure u can come up with some creative ideas yourself for these items and would love for you to leave your comments on what u do with your vintage items. What colors do u like or would like to purchase?

Here are some pictures of items for sale in my etsy shop and as I mentioned in a previous post I have already marked down the prices of vintage and home decor items in my shop so stop on by and see what I have. I am making room for some new finds. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ahindle78
Also feel free to post my etsy shop like or my Facebook link to your pages as well. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charm-City-Creative-Designs/214517511903785?ref=hl

Now for the pictures:

Picture above is milkglass







Uncommon Goods

preppy obsessions

I recently found this cool site (via Pinterest) with all kinds of unique and cool items! Its called Uncommon Goods and they have tons of stuff. Admittedly, some of it is really, really strange. Some of it, though, is really, really cool! They have a lot of kitchen, office, and leisure stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else – which is awesome!

If you’re ever looking for a unique gift, I suggest checking out this site. It’s also fun to look at just for fun!

I love:

This wall organizer

These totally cute doxie mugs!

This cute long-distance lovin’ wall art…so cute!

Did you find anything on there that you loved?



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Personalized Wine Glasses

I have several pre made wine glasses for sale $10 each plus shipping check it out on etsy at ahindle78 and also facebook under charm city creative designs.