Home with Harley 🐶🐾🐶🐾

Since today was MLK day I had off of work. It was nice to have off since we had a work party on Sunday. Harley and I didn’t do much today and then I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold so I rested and got caught up on TV shows. The dog didn’t mind I wasn’t really messing up his routine because that’s what he does everyday anyways lol. Here is a few photos I took of how the dog relaxes all day long lol.



So while I was laying around I also got caught up on a few more hats for the hospital nursery.

Harley’s Ready For The Oriole Game ⚾️🐶🐾

Harley was ready last week and this week to root the Orioles on through the post season games. With that being said he has to make sure he has his orange bandana on every game because that is why they win lol ( at least in this house that is why we say they win).
Harley has his bandana washed and ready for Fridays game which we will watch from grandmas house. Here are some pics while watching the games.





Back from vacation🌴☀️

I have been on vacation and away from home for a week I went to florida and my husband was at home with the dog lol.
When I came home last night Harley didn’t seem to excited like I thought when I walked in the door but he showed me he missed me later on today when he wouldn’t leave my side and laying on my legs lol .









Water Bottles

Here are a few pics of the water bottles I sell in my etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/ahindle78

These bottles are great gifts for students, teams, school, appreciation gifts, bridal party gifts etc









Martha Stewart Organizing Supplies

I totally love the Martha Stewart organizing items I wish I had some for my desk at work and my desk at home.


I went to staples to pick up Sharpies, just Sharpies, of course I don’t leave without spending $75. I discovered Martha Stewart with Avery’s Home Office line. I wanted everything.Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Review

I found this paper holder thingy to place on your desk (or anywhere, really) which acts as the base, and there are a ton of stackable option to add to it. As you can see I bought the long four  slot piece, with a cover. Everything is made so nice, and it actually tucks perfectly into the base piece. I’m definitely going to be going back and slowly adding to this. Either way, it’s just so cute.

There were also a bunch of booklets with 40% off an item coupons, (which I cleverly tucked in the drawer) which the cashier let me use a few of. So I also got a nice planner for the year and a journal. I…

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Been Busy Organizing

I have been off of work for more then 10 days now and I go back tues the 3rd and i am kinda looking forward to it. I need to get back into a routine of getting up and out of the house again, to tell you the truth i have completed alot of tasks that i wanted to do over the holiday break but i have been rather lazy as well. I guess i deserve to relax since i was so busy with orders from etsy and working full time lol. I really think the girls at the post office started to think i worked there since i paid them a visit at least once a day if not twice a day in the 4 weeks leading up to christmas.

Anyways i wanted to show you some pictures of what i have been up to since i was home on vacation. I wanted to create a command center in the kitchen so that i know where our keys are my husband loses his keys every morning it seems like. I had the items in the closet just never got around to hanging it up. I moved over my fabric memo board that i had made last year so that i could fit the organizer/key holder. I think it turned out great, now just have to get bryan to actually hang his keys on it when he comes home from work. I also printed out labels and made them into stickers so that it looked more organized.

I also tackled a few more projects as well this week here are some pictures of what i got done and organized.

This picture is of a clear container that I had bought several months ago that had pretzels inside the container was to sturdy for me to put into the trash so I decided to put into the closet till I found a use which didn’t take long at all
After searching for a cute container for my laundry detergent and not finding one I liked or when i did it was to expensive so I thought I do have something I could use and decided that I could finally use my new cricut subway art cartridge which had a cute words for the laundry room.

So I picked out a color of vinyl that I liked and had laying around and started cutting the subway art out on the cricut machine. I turned out create and I transferred it onto the container and it was ready to be filled with laundry detergent and then I added a few scoops and was done. Looks so much better then the gain box.

I also had a chance to organize my shoe closet, this closet was already organized I just had to tidy it up some. The boots came with clips to hang which come in handy and wish I had more of them. The pink boxes happened to be at my local dollar store in the summer and I got some to put into my closet to keep little items.

The picture above is my tissue paper that I organized by hanging on pants hangers and it works great and since i use the tissue paper so much this keeps it in order and I can see exactly what I have.