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CLEARANCE Sale going on now in my etsy shop so stop past and take a look at all the items marked clearance it is a variety and more being added today.

Vintage, antique, and Upcycled treasures are marked down and on the clearance rack ready to be shipped out to you ASAP.

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Martha Stewart Organizing Supplies

I totally love the Martha Stewart organizing items I wish I had some for my desk at work and my desk at home.


I went to staples to pick up Sharpies, just Sharpies, of course I don’t leave without spending $75. I discovered Martha Stewart with Avery’s Home Office line. I wanted everything.Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Review

I found this paper holder thingy to place on your desk (or anywhere, really) which acts as the base, and there are a ton of stackable option to add to it. As you can see I bought the long four  slot piece, with a cover. Everything is made so nice, and it actually tucks perfectly into the base piece. I’m definitely going to be going back and slowly adding to this. Either way, it’s just so cute.

There were also a bunch of booklets with 40% off an item coupons, (which I cleverly tucked in the drawer) which the cashier let me use a few of. So I also got a nice planner for the year and a journal. I…

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Home Office Ideas

I am looking into ideas to save some space to have room for other things. We have two closets in both bedrooms that we really don’t use for anything great. I found a ton of pictures on pinterest and wanted to share with you what I found. I can’t remember the names or websites of where I found these pics and I am sorry if I didn’t mention your name.
I love the idea of having a office out of a closet.